Wave Dome(Wafer Head) Self Drilling Screw

Usable for the plywood , billboard , steel plate ,

stainless steel plate and multipurpose

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Ruspert Plating :More Effective Antirust , 6x Better Than Zinc Plate.

Usable for the plywood , billboard , steel plate and multipurpose ,

can screw directly without pre-drill ,


extra width screw head : for more faster ,

convinience and more tightly holding with the workpieces.


#6 Wave Dome (Wafer Head Screws) :

Small drill point and deeper threads for more effective holding with aluminium or less than 1mm. thickness steel plate.


#8 Wave Dome (Wafer Head Screws) :

Usable for the thickness 3.2mm. steel purlin.


#10 Button Head Screws :

14mm. Special width head for 2x more tightly hold with the thickness 4mm. steel purlin.